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    Default Re: Post-Polio Syndrome

    Quote Originally Posted by Jean Sewing Machine View Post
    I had a dear friend who had polio as a youth and lived most of his life with very little limit on his mobility. He used leg braces and canes later in his life. In his last years, he had to rely more and more on adaptive technology to get around. He was an excellent driver, and when my husband had to have 5 weeks of radiation, our friend picked him up every day and took him so I could continue to work. He eventually had to rely on a power chair to get around. He was diagnosed with cancer in his last year of life ( Late 70s) and passed away 6 months after diagnosis. The post polio syndrome affected him with pain and more loss of muscle control, which affected how he got around. Once he mentally adjusted to the idea of using the power chair, he was more mobile than trying to negotiate mobility with just braces and canes. We were always amazed at Jim's innovation for how he got around on his property--golf cart, riding lawn mower, they lived on a lake, so he loved driving his pontoon boat! He had a lift in his vehicle for his chair, how he managed all of this, I don't know, but he was amazing. I wish your husband much luck in the future for continued mobility. If it comes to him needing equipment to help him do what he wants to do, the technology is there and should be embraced, not feared. I had another neighbor who had polio, he was an amazing wheel chair athlete. The sky's the limit, just don't let post polio syndrome slow him down!
    Thank you. It is encouraging to hear. I know that the biggest challenge for him will be the mental adjustment to his limitations. We sail a racing catamaran and over the years we have limited this activity. Maybe it is more me looking for excuses not to go, as I see his pain. He so loves the sport, and dreams of summer weather just to get out. I have noticed that he does get frustrated when we need to get things done, and it takes him longer. He does like to be independent. I have a different attitude, that we could pay someone to do our chores. I should work on showing him this is better, and would give us time to enjoy other things that he likes to do.
    I don't think he would hesitate to take advantage of technology if it got to that point, and we are fortunate that we would have the means.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

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    Default Re: Post-Polio Syndrome

    My oldest brother got the vaccine about the same time he contracted polio. He was lucky and recovered quickly. He lived a relatively normal life with no major issues until he was in his 60's then a variety of symptoms began to appear. His doctor told him he had Post Polio Syndrome. It can vary for each person on which symptoms effect them the most. common symptoms are
    Progressive muscle and joint weakness and pain.
    General fatigue and exhaustion with minimal activity.
    Muscle atrophy.
    Breathing or swallowing problems.
    Sleep-related breathing disorders, such as sleep apnea.
    Decreased tolerance of cold temperatures.

    For my brother he had decreased tolerance of cold some fatigue but for him the worst part was the swallowing problems over time he literally could not eat and was mostly down to a liquid diet but he lost so much weight he basically wasted away to nothing. It was a very hard thing for healthy person to suddenly be attacked by his own body for a disease he didn't really have.

    I can tell you he lived his life to the fullest and refused to let anything stop him from enjoying the time he had left. He was told with the severity of the swallowing problem that it would be unlikely he would live as long as others that were more effected by the other symptoms. Time is relative if it takes you longer or you need a break to get things done that's okay you still get them done. He can still be active, have fun and enjoy life. Many blessings its a hard thing to go thru.
    Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

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    Default Re: Post-Polio Syndrome

    I'm so sorry to hear this. All I can offer are my prayers for your DH and you.

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