Good afternoon ~ I didn't have much time before 6 a.m. today. Had to get DH's breakfast & get myself ready for church. So I'm back. Beautiful sunny day. It's in the upper 50's. Both rabbits are out in the back yard sunning themselves. I've never understood how they can sit so still for so long. It seems like their legs would get cramped. When they're not munching, they just fold down their ears & zone out.

I sewed the border on the wildlife quilt yest. I don't have a large enough piece for the backing so will sew together 3 vertical sections. I already have plenty of 2.5" strips left from the previous project for binding.

Terry, if you're tired of FMQ on the wedding ring quilt, set it aside & work on your baby quilts. I frequently have 2 or 3 projects ongoing & switch back & forth. I can't do much more than 1 hr./day of FMQ & then have to give my hands & arms a rest. So I switch to piecing or whatever.

Katrina, I certainly can understand your emotions in church. Our church usually has only 1 hymn & the rest is the more modern praise music with a praise band. I really miss the old hymns that I grew up with. I enjoy the music on "Rejoice in the Lord", which is on the Daystar network Sun. evenings. It's from Pensacola Bible College in FL. The sermon always is good, too. Sometimes I go to YouTube & watch the Gaithers or Carroll Roberson for southern gospel music. Plus we have a large music library of record albums, cassettes, & CDs. I listen in my sewing room.

Retiring & traveling in an RV vs. having a home: The big disadvantage I see to always being on the road is medical issues. I'm a nurse, & that's a biggie in my book. With the way insurance is now, the exchanges differ from state to state, so ins. coverage could be an issue. Also, you'd have no primary dr. or health professionals that know you, your history, etc., for continuity of care. Motor homes are expensive to buy as well as maintain. While the living quarters would be adequate, it's not like having 2,000 sq. ft. of a nice home in which to relax & enjoy. I think being on the road all the time would soon lose its appeal. I vote for a home base & take shorter trips.

Terry ~ I'd love to go back to Lancaster Co., PA. When I was there in 2003, I had not started my quilting journey, so I could not appreciate all the beautiful quilts. I love to read Amish fiction, so I know more about that area now than I did then. Also, I'd like to revisit the Millennium Sight & Sound Theater to see another production. Those are soooo fantastic! I think a trip to New England in the Fall would be nice, too, to see all the autumn colors. And as Monique will affirm, I'd love to travel to Prince Edward Island, visit the Ann of Green Gables house, etc. There are so many places to explore & visit. I guess for now my "travel" will have to be on the web. I can see Spakenburg, The Netherlands (where my DIL is from) or most any place via Google Earth. I can't get away to travel, not even to visit family, as long as I'm a caregiver for DH.

April ~ I also love iris. Post pics when you get your project done. It should be beautiful.

Well, I'm going to go start on the quilt backing.