I belong to a few Facebook groups for sewing room ideas or quilt related groups.
In the past few months, there seemed to be a trend to get your space organized, functional and pretty. I love this aspect of it, as I am an organized person, and because of my personality, everything is tidy after I finish a project, my fabrics are neatly folded and stored and organized by function. I can find anything in my sewing room in a flash. Same goes for all other areas in my house. I have also been asked by friends and family to help organize their places and I appreciate helping this way. That is not the issue.
When I look at all these beautiful rooms, before and after pictures, I am sad, as I realize they will never use their fabrics in their lifetime. It is not always about money, as buying fabric can be cheaper than therapy.
I have also helped family and friends close down their parents' homes or apartments when they move to nursing homes or die. This is a daunting chore for them, as they may have kept everything they have ever owned to pass along to their kids. Most do not want their stuff.
SO NOW, the elephant, is your fabric stash healthy or are you bordering on hoarder symptoms?
My daughter sews, but does not quilt. It does make me happy to buy and have pretty fabrics, and my stash is neatly stored with all other sewing related items in a small walk-in closet. I finish an average of 12-20 good size large quilts per year. With the small stash I consider I have, I could make at least one hundred quilts without buying more fabric for a year. Can I realistically make that many quilts on my lifetime? I know that my DH would keep some for his quilts, but he makes 1-3 quilts per year. He would be overwhelmed and probably give this away.
This is an honest reflection on this cold but sunny day. Do you have a plan for your fabric when you are no longer able to quilt? I hope this has raised some thoughts about your stash and please share your thoughts.