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    Default Re: Why do you quilt? utility?frugality?Art?

    I think sewing must be in my blood. My great grandmother on my father's side was a seamstress. I have her sewing stool. My mom got the treadle machine that her mom had used to make all of her clothes for me when I was about 9. I remember making Barbie clothes on it. The machine was so loud on the hardwood floors. I still have that machine (although the shuttle is missing).

    When we were first married my husbands work caused us to move every few years and custom curtains weren't in the budget. So I made drapes and curtains. I made a few things for the kids and dresses for myself. When my granddaughter came along I made a few things for her. I had always wanted a quilt. I never dreamed I could make my own. My daughter knew this and for Mother's Day she gave me a class and took it with me! After the class I was hooked.

    Quilting makes me happy. Heck just touching fabric makes me happy. It's also something I can share with my daughter. My quilts are not art or wall hangings and they are far from perfect. My quilts are meant to be used and snuggle with. I don't sell them. I give them away. Crazy thing, every time my 10 year old granddaughter sees a quilt on the long arm she ask who I am making it for and could she can have it. We call her our quilt hog. Maybe its in her blood and she will want to quilt someday.
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    Default Re: Why do you quilt? utility?frugality?Art?

    As a child my mom made my sister and I a lot of our clothes out of whatever material she could find cheaply at the used store. Hint we wore a lot of polyester! My mom tried to teach me to sew but I was the outdoor kid and did not have the patience. Actually it would be years before I figured out my frustration for sewing had more to do with no depth perception from one eye not working right. My sister joined a crafting 4-H and became very good at making clothes and my eldest sister also sewed and made clothes and quilts. I was always a bit jealous and really wanted a quilt.

    Years after I was married I mentioned to my DH that I wished I knew how to sew so he bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I tried and tried to learn and it was horrible so I threw it in the closet. Finally tried again and it was still horrible but managed thanks to M baby quilt tutorial to make a baby quilt. A trip to the local sewing machine shop to look at other sewing machines let me know the machine we bought was out of time and had never worked right. Its amazing how much fun it is to quilt when your machine works! Who knew!

    I am now going on my fifth year of quilting with a real machine and its amazing how much I have learned. Right now I am making my Mom a quilt something that astonishes her as I would never sew as a kid. I like making something and knowing I did it. I love to see them used and get ornery if people don't use them. I quilt as it gives my spirit a lift!
    Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

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