I’ve been very loyal to M* because through finding Jenny’s tutorials, I found quilting. And you just can’t pay back that kind wonderful addition to your lifestyle, but being a loyal customer has been how I’ve tried. Even before the news systems started I was disenchanted because it was taking a week or more before my orders shipped. And because of the newer, bigger problems I haven’t ordered since Oct. 27. I’m going to continue ordering elsewhere as I did for holiday themed items and notions. Right now I am buying for 2018 block of the month, and I chose a collection that is selling out fast everywhere. So I must order now, and I will, but not with M*. I sure hope you can resolve these processes and get it right. I feel bad for you all when I see so many negative reports in Facebook groups I belong to. And I’m sure you know that bad news travels much faster and farther than good news. You have to be losing a lot of business besides mine, but the difference is I will come back for sure.