Good Morning Everyone,

I guess I'll get us started this morning since Monique is away...have a great time, Monique!

Jeff and I are down with the crud that's going around. Jeff saw the doctor Friday and he has been on meds since then and has gotten progressively worse. He will probably take a few days off from work again this week.

I got quite sick Saturday. I will take myself to Urgent Care this morning if my doctor can't squeeze me in. Even my nebulizer and inhalers haven't helped one bit. Yep, we're as sick as two old dogs.

I'm trying to sew the Hourglass blocks together but it's slow going. I'm in love with the cordless iron I got for Christmas. My next quilt will be a Take Flight quilt....lots of flying geese.

I hope everyone is warm, healthy and safe. Wishing you all a great day....