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Thread: Thursday hellos

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    Default Thursday hellos

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    Yes I am up at this ungodly hour. I just couldn't get back to sleep so I might as well start today's post now because when I do I might be up later than usual.

    I didn't do anything of what I stated yesterday. I cleaned off the computer desk which took quite a while to do. So many papers and 'stuff'. That was a big job, at least to me. Hubby was working tonight so I did try to start the row I was working on, but hubby called and disturbed my thought process and that was it. I couldn't get back to it.

    Hubby is working again today so maybe I can get into the sewing room.

    So much sadness here of late. Mommadeb's father passed away yesterday. Her address is in her user notes.

    **Blondie has a birthday on Dec 18th. I know that she has been missing for quite some time looking after her grand babies but wouldn't it be nice to fill her mail box with birthday cards (maybe add a charm square?). Just a thought. I will put her address in my user notes.

    Have a great day everyone.
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    Default Re: Thursday hellos

    Couldn’t sleep either. Dead tired last night & went to bed too early, so of course awake too early!

    Busy day planned. Nurse comes this morning to give me my monthly injection. Then I have a girlfriend coming to stay overnight. Plan on taking her to a local historical home that is decorated for Christmas, antique market, dinner and then country music concert tonight. Tomorrow another antique market and lunch.

    The Cherrywood quilt challenge show is nearby & I would love to go, but I don’t think she is into that. Show is still on Saturday so I will go then. It is the Cherrywood fabric in the colours of Van Gohh.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    Default Re: Thursday hellos

    Good morning all.....

    Yup, I've mooned walk before.....and NOT a pretty site! Hopefully Monique you'll be able to get into your sewing room and do something you love today!

    I'm not up by choice either, but DH gets up for work at an ungodly hour......so I'm up too!

    Mary, I hope you have a wonderful time browsing all the antiques and historical places. Sounds like fun!

    May you both get plenty of sleep, so you aren't up in the middle of the night!

    Well all I did was stuff yesterday, no sewing.....sigh. Decorated the house, which was plenty. I have no idea how many times I was up and down the stairs. Surprisingly I don't ache any more than usual. Yeah!

    Not sure what today will bring. Seems like if I plan on sewing, I don't. If I don't plan sewing.....maybe I do!

    Prayers for Mama Deb. Love and hugs to all......

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    Default Re: Thursday hellos

    Good Morning...I'm off to a good start today. Dottie slept all night and so did I!

    I have errands to run this morning and housework to do. Thankfully we have leftover spaghetti for dinner tonight and all I will need to do is make a salad and garlic bread.

    Monique, you should see the dance I can do when I almost step on a snake!

    My allergies are going wild right now. We need some rain so badly.

    I have a lot to do, so I'll check in later and see how everyone is doing.

    This is going to be a great day...I can feel it in my bones. Some days I'm so in love with life.

    Have a great day everyone....Hugs to All.

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    Default Re: Thursday hellos

    Good Morning All,

    Home school will be starting as soon as J gets here. Last night, his mom was like 'you need to work on your addition facts', lol good thing I made an addition game for him. I bought a whole bunch of those tiny clothes pins, cut strips of card stock and labeled them with numbers, and put my 12 sided dice in the box. So he can roll, pinch, and add up the numbers until his hands get tired.

    I've decided to send the first mt. view to Russell. Mel can finish it any way she wants, but he'll have his mountain view, without the expense of a mountain house! Maybe, I can keep him out of trouble for a little while.

    So, someone please explain the "let's keep Christmas decorations simple this year" and the oh, let's put up this and then this and then this, my DH is doing. He's pulled out the nativity (the one that won't break), the lit nativity (that will burn little fingers and break), the Roman solider and cross (that will burn little fingers and break), two ceramic Christmas trees (that will definitely break) and put them on the console cabinet that runs on one wall and is low enough Zeke can reach and touch. So there are a lot of 'no no's', 'use your eyes, not your hands' going on. Last night he decided stockings need to go up. Not 3 for the people that actually live here, but all of them, like 3 sets of four of them that we've had through the ages. Uhhhhh... we don't even have a mantle.

    Then there was the whole, well they may all come over on Christmas Day... I was like, if they're all coming on Christmas Day- we're getting smaller stockings! Holy cow... what has happened to that guy that never wanted to decorate before the first of December. Is he having some sort of Christmas mid-life crisis?

    And, what the heck... My oldest, goes, oh there's the nativity that's Biblically incorrect. My DIL going- oh my, there's going to be a diabetic coma if your going to use all that sugar. It was like I was living in the twilight show! Now, I'm laughing as I type all of this, but holy cow, it was like my son turned into Scrooge, my husband was turning into Martha Stewart and I was like, simple please, simple.

    I will be baking, as it's what I love to do. I guess I'll be working with J, since he just arrived.

    Have a great day everyone!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

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    Default Re: Thursday hellos

    Hummm...must be the moon getting us all up. I woke up at 4 and DH headed out to hunt. I had coffee and headed back to bed. Tried to sleep but sort of dozed.
    Yesterday I walked a lot and found a tree...not really...its the top of a big tree in the woods. It looks perfect but I'm not sure how we will get up there to cut the top 6 feet out. I'll let DH look at it. Otherwise, theres a cute little 5 ft hemlock that I can get myself.
    I'm still FMQ that log cabin. I'm not even half finished. I am bored out of my skull with it. That'll teach me to leave a quilt for 6 months before quilting it. I've just seen it too long.
    These beautiful fall days are incredible. 60-70 degrees and tomorrow is December!
    Two of my children are having a terrible squabble. It hurts my heart. They are each threatening to boycott Christmas is the other attends. Oh my. I feel sorry for the GC's

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    Default Re: Thursday hellos

    Good Morning ~ Clear skies, frost, 28 deg. We had a sunny day yest.; it got up to 67 deg. -- much warmer than they predicted. At least the mild weather is helpful for those putting up outdoor Christmas decorations. I'm still working on my Anne of Green Gables Christmas mini quilts. I had time enough yest. to sew the binding on one. Two to go. My table runner is sandwiched & ready to quilt, but I'll wait till I get these gifts finished.

    After BSF yest., I ate my usual lunch at Wendy's, then went to Vitamin Cottage for Kombucha & a few things. My favorite flavors of Kombucha are the guava & passionberry bliss. I don't drink it full strength, but mix it with flavored vitamin water & add just a tad bit of stevia. For those of you who like the frosties at Wendy's, they now are selling the 2018 keys for $2. They are good for free frosties all year. It's a bargain.

    Last night was Survivor -- 2 episodes back to back, which I didn't know ahead of time. I had to hustle & fix my supper on the commercials so I wouldn't be eating at 9 p.m.

    Monique, thanks for letting us know about Blondie's birthday. I miss her posts here. Does anyone know if she still is doing the Circles of Comforts quilts?

    Well, it's time to fix my breakfast & get on with my day. I have no set plans, but I really need to run the vacuum & do some housework, which I've neglected for my quilting project. It's only the 2 of us, so no one will see a few dust bunnies but us.

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    Default Re: Thursday hellos

    Oh Grammaterri, I understand the kids fighting all too well. Occasionally mine still do but not as much and my two are 45 and 50. One year for my birthday I asked that they just get along and that would be all the present I need.

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    Default Re: Thursday hellos

    Monique....this saying is priceless !
    Love it.
    House-training puppies is the one chore I dislike ! My dad swore by getting dogs in the spring and leaving them out quite a bit during the day in the spring and summer....then he claimed, that by the time fall rolled around, the dogs were used to going outside to do their business. Well, that worked for every dog we had but the Sheep Dog DH Terry purchased for me as a B-day present when we moved into our very first home in 1981!!! That dog couldn't be broken.....we did everything my dad suggested. We had her for almost 24 months and she would go out ( we would even take her out and walk around) and be out for awhile and come right in and do her "do-do" on my waxed kitchen floor !
    Sadly, I gave her to a friend I worked with that had 3 other Sheep Dogs.....and she finally after 5 yrs got that dog trained. While I am very patient with animals, the idea of waiting (and washing kitchen floors for 5 yrs...grrr.) wasn't appealing...not to mention that during that time, DH Terry had just been diagnosed with the seizure disorder....and taking Terry to doctors, trying to work full time etc...well, I didn't have the time to devote to "Abby"....the sheepdog.

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    Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

    "I miss the me I was when you were here"

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