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Thread: Why Butterflies

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    Default Why Butterflies

    This was a question that was asked of me, so I thought I would give you a little bit of background info.

    The reason for butterflies: The lady for whom Evelyn's House is named, was a big philanthropist in St. Louis. She donated the funds to have "The Butterfly House" built. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a huge building, within one of our parks, that houses butterflies from all over the world. It is a public venue. When you go there, you have butterflies all over you. It is gorgeous.
    When she passed away, she had made stipulations, and had funds specifically earmarked to have that hospice house built. So it was built in her honor, and named after her. The theme of the house is butterflies. Not gawdy and all over the place, but there are ever present.
    Any way, my sis and I had talked about making quilts to donate to them, and she had mentioned butterflies. When we were in Hamilton last week, I showed her Jenny's Butterfly Strip Quilt, and she loved it. That is how I came up with that idea. Having others make blocks to help us out, was Sandy's idea. So there you have the shortened version of "why butterflies".
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    Default Re: Why Butterflies

    Oh, I love the Butterfly House! We lived very close to that park and my kids grew up playing there. Carousel, historic houses, playground, Butterfly House, pictures taken of high school students all dressed up for prom. Ahhhh, memories.

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