Good Morning ~ I don't see a thread started for today, so I'll start off. It looks like the sun is coming out, so it should be a good day. We got up to 86 deg. yest. With the sun working its way south, we now have more afternoon/evening sun exposure on the front of the house, so it got warm enough in here to turn on the cooler. It drops to ~60 deg. at night.

Yest. I bought groc. in the a.m. In the afternoon, I did some organizing of my cutting table. I needed to clear a large enough area to trim the edges off the Prairie Flower quilt. I sewed binding on 2 sides of the quilt before I had to stop. Hopefully I can finish up the binding later today.

My Fat Quarter order came yest. Fabrics all nicely folded & in a plastic bag. It was shipped Priority & came in 2 days. I pressed the fabrics & now have all my "Sand in My Shoes" collection in its own plastic container. (My order from Hancock's of Paducah -- they put the fabric directly into the mailer--no protective plastic bags.) When it comes to the way orders are handled, one can't beat M* for the way each item is enclosed in plastic with the label, etc.

As soon as I finish breakfast, I'll be mixing up my turkey patties for the next 3 wks. Have a good Sat. & wk.-end.