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    Default Saturday Morning Greetings

    Good Morning ~ I don't see a thread started for today, so I'll start off. It looks like the sun is coming out, so it should be a good day. We got up to 86 deg. yest. With the sun working its way south, we now have more afternoon/evening sun exposure on the front of the house, so it got warm enough in here to turn on the cooler. It drops to ~60 deg. at night.

    Yest. I bought groc. in the a.m. In the afternoon, I did some organizing of my cutting table. I needed to clear a large enough area to trim the edges off the Prairie Flower quilt. I sewed binding on 2 sides of the quilt before I had to stop. Hopefully I can finish up the binding later today.

    My Fat Quarter order came yest. Fabrics all nicely folded & in a plastic bag. It was shipped Priority & came in 2 days. I pressed the fabrics & now have all my "Sand in My Shoes" collection in its own plastic container. (My order from Hancock's of Paducah -- they put the fabric directly into the mailer--no protective plastic bags.) When it comes to the way orders are handled, one can't beat M* for the way each item is enclosed in plastic with the label, etc.

    As soon as I finish breakfast, I'll be mixing up my turkey patties for the next 3 wks. Have a good Sat. & wk.-end.

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    Default Re: Saturday Morning Greetings

    Good morning...or afternoon now. I started on the forum a few years back and was quite active for about a year until I went back to work and my schedule was crazy. I've been stalking the last couple of weeks on the site to see what was new. I'm hoping to have a productive day...already been to town and ran errands.

    I am working on a quilt for a friend of mine (we swapped her photography talents for my quiltmaking) and it's very long over due. She gave me some fabrics and one of her grandpas shirts and told me colors she liked but left the pattern up to me. She wanted a 5'x5' quilt to possibly use at times in her photography sessions. She said she likes squares so I originally started the quilt with a pattern of various squares but I didn't like it....then I saw Jenny's 'under the stars' quilt and that's the one I ended up doing.

    It's been a battle off and on, not the quilt so much as finding the time. A couple years back I had purchased a Singer quintet off hsn since it embroidered and I could use it in quilting. I had tested and done a few embroidery items and spent 2 weeks practicing using the hooping to do a quilting pattern. So, each weekend I try and work more on quilting it. I am about 3/4 done and am determined to get it completed this weekend! Then since I'm so far over due on this to her I am going to put together a pillow to match and a memory bear out of the remaining items of her grandpas shirt (her grandma just passed away last week). This poor lady has been through a lot...many family issues and her young adult son passed away 6 months ago so I know it will be a small shimmer of light to give her these items next weekend.

    So, time to get off the computer and actually get to work!

    JCY---sounds like you've been very productive today, so I'm hoping to follow in your suit!

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