I bought a kit from Missouri Star that has 2 panels of horses surrounded by blocks and strips. I want to make this for my niece who is getting married in Nov. Yesterday, I started cutting everything out and all went well til I got to the large panel which is supposed to be 24.5 x 42.5. It has 6 horses surrounded by a border of wood grain. The panel is so crooked that there was no way to cut it to those dimensions and keep everything squared up. One side, either the top or bottom would have white showing when I sew it because the white area is more than a quarter inch. When you look at the panel the top printed border is crooked and swags down in the middle. I am so disappointed! My first thought is to cut off most if the crooked picture and try to find a closely matching woodgrain print to sew on around the horses to make it the proper dimensions. My other thought is to square up the panel and reduce the size of all the other pieces in the quilt which means everything would have to be trimmed down. That would require lots of math
The large panel goes across the top and it is surrounded by blocks and strips then there are 2 smaller panels at the bottom surrounded by more blocks and strips. I've cut everything else out (squares, triangles and strips) except the outside border. I am so disappointed! I will never by another panel kit again! Do any of you have any suggestions for how I can salvage this kit? I always get great advice on here so I'm counting on it again! By the way it is supposed to be a throw size of about 58 x 68 or so.