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    A very good morning to you all,

    Grampz has not formally introduced me to the group here. I am Miss RR Scissors of the Salt Lake City Scissors Family. A very well made family I might interject here. You may call me Miss Scissors. Mr. Seam Ripper that horrible thing says that I am a snob just because I do not like to cut on anything but the best fabric a lady of my stature may sink her teeth into. Please pass the tissue as I tell you the horible story of Grampz' boy using me to cut open a cereal bag. Me! used on a cereal bag. I was mortified. Seam Riper and Rotary Cutter laughed at my agony of the situation. I ask you all how much does a young lady like myself have to take? Grampz now hides me and makes sure I will only be used on fabric of the best around. Grampz treats me with the greatest of respect. I plead with you all ...

    Hey all this is Seam Ripper again. Just wanted to interupt "her scissorness" to let you all know she was purchased at Walmart on a special. She is no hoity toity dame like she tries to appear. ....

    Please excuse the crass Mr. Seam Ripper. Mr Seam Ripper is barbaric I tell you. He sometimes nicks a tears a little on my friends the fabrics with that sharp pointy thing of his. As I was trying to say before I was so rudely interrupted, I plead with you all to treat your scissors with love and respect that they deserve. Don't just throw them in a drawer, Don't use them on paper or dare I say it again?, cereal bags. Make sure you take them to get sharpened from time to time. I know Mr Rotary Cutter is able to do twice as much as myself but maybe use us more we need to work too.
    Sincerly yours,

    Miss Scissors

    PS. I like it when Grampz sings. He is pretty good .... Well good if you close one ear and squint your left eye!
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