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    Default Re: Another day of Quilting . . . and this 'thread' is all about 'thread'!!

    Quote Originally Posted by bscuzz View Post
    So much good advice and information - a storehouse of knowledge here . . . thanks everyone and especially to Sharyn J for valuable info.

    I do want to give feedback on my quilting last night. Lorie, even though I ordered the netting, I poked around in my kitchen and found a nice soft netting that 'garlic' came in and just the right size. I washed it good and cut off a length . . put it on my unruly spool of thread, then used my seam ripper top to set my thread vertical - - - - and glory be, everything worked perfectly - no jam up or breakage.

    So much better to have two hands on the quilt for stitching, instead of one hand on the thread track to keep it from messing up.

    Thank you all so much. My next questions, no doubt, will be about 'binding' > > > wait for it!!
    I love your little 'hack'! Lei netting, garlic netting, pear netting. I was watching the Grandma challenge on Food Network and one of the challenges was to use a hack. They were all confused lol I'm so happy it worked!


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    Default Re: Another day of Quilting . . . and this 'thread' is all about 'thread'!!

    I'm glad you sorted it all out and it was just the spool position and "tamer" required! Nothing worse than being held up from completing a project while your machine is misbehaving, so so much better when it is something like this that you can fix easily.

    Just as an aside.....re invisible/monofilament thread. I would not dismiss the nylon monofilament in preference to the poly.......I have used nylon with absolutely no problems and excellent results as have many experienced quilters. I think the important point here is to only buy good quality monofilament and to try both types and then you, your project and your machine can choose which you prefer to use.
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