I was reading a post on the forum where a lady said she didn't know if she would take classes on her new machine because the dealer was 40 minutes away. I live in Texas. I drive 45 minutes ONE WAY just to buy groceries and pick up prescriptions once a week so we will have fresh veggies. I am used to living in the country where groceries and other necessities are not close by. It just strikes me how different our life styles are depending on where we live. My husband and I regularly drive 3 hours one way to visit our grand kids. Then turn around and come home in the same day because we have animals to care for. Isn't it amazing the things that are totally out of the question for some because of the inconvenience and are an every day thing to others. I love online shopping for quilting supplies because I don't have those supplies locally. Missouri Star has changed my life. If I have time when I go grocery shopping, I love to browse the local quilt shops, Joanne's, and Hobby Lobby. I look for sales and try to use coupons whenever possible. Just thought once again how diverse our United States of America is. Some of our states are almost like foreign countries we are so different.