At last or already? I guess it all depends what you all have been doing all week. Me? Not much really.

So it's Friday which means we are going to Trenton today and bringing Maizyn back with us. I know she is pretty excited and has been packed for a long time. I am pretty excited myself.

So Les got a call from his sister yesterday. The doctor was in to see his Mom. She did not know the doctor, who has been her family doctor for many many years, she didn't know which month is was etc. He has started the paperwork and the social worker goes next week. I believe the doctor is trying to put a rush on things. This should have been started months ago but maybe it's a good thing that Les blew up last week. He is going back on Monday and will see how things are.

So that is what is shaping my day. A beautiful sunshiny day.

Have a great day friends.