Looks like we all have a lot of different directions to take us through our days. If one thing gets finished, there is always another to start on. I love my job in the fact that every year I know I have summertime off to get the bigger stuff done. On the last day of school I print off a blank June/July/August calendar and start filling in what I want to get accomplished. I am finishing up my bedroom today - a carpet cleaning and run the quilt and covers through the wash. I cleaned out clutter, clothes, and made new curtains. The last 2 weeks of June I will be working on my daughters old room. Clean out, repaint, and move my computer desk and office stuff in there. July is repainting the boys' room, working on my photos, organizing papers, and scrubbing the front porch. August is finish up what is leftover or took more time than I anticipated getting done. Of course, tucked in summer plans is always spending a day or two a week at my dads helping with his huge garden and quilting.
It's interesting to read what everyone is up to.