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    Default Hooting and Sewing Night Owl @,@

    Whoo! Hoo hoot! A really exciting playoff game tonight between the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder. And a controversial ending! A guy elbowed the man guarding him and the refs didn't call it...maybe they didn't see it. Everyone commenting on the game said it was clearly a foul.

    I am working on another cross stitch while I am waiting for the supplies for two other projects to arrive. This one is going a lot faster than I thought it would. So I feel good about that.

    I made the Sour Cream Apple Cake in the recipe section tonight. Excellent! I've eaten nearly the entire first row!

    How are yoooou?

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    Default Re: Hooting and Sewing Night Owl @,@

    Ugh! I'm wishing i had apple cake!

    I'm working on stuff for the PTA still! It's teacher appreciation week, and there are things to get done. A 10 day trip before an event is a bad idea.
    Off to find a cold beverage and finish this off for the night!
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    Default Re: Hooting and Sewing Night Owl @,@

    Sour Cream Apple Cake sounds good! I'll have to look that one up. I didn't sew today but spent a long time on the Internet watching quilting videos, looking at fabric and reading Mary Fons' blog. I really like her.

    Yesterday I sewed the backing for two quilts and tried to find batting to fit either quilt but what I had was too small so I guess that means another trip to the LQS. Darn. Part of my Internet activity today involved shopping too. I saw this really cute fabric with measuring tapes on it and I had to have it. Then tonight I found a pattern of the Paris skyline in applique and that was a must have, too. I'd better stay offline tomorrow.

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