Not sure if any of you are familiar with Quilty Box which is a quilting subscription service where they send you box of quilting products put together by different companies and designers each month. I joined when the Crafty Gemini was curating a box one month but I only subscribed for three months.

The first two boxes were good (even though they contained one or two things I probably wouldn't have bought in a store) however the third box was a paper piecing project for a doll sized quilt. I absolutely hate paper piecing and hand sewing (especially over 140 tiny little pieces needed for the doll quilt) so this box wasn't a good fit for me. I had hoped to return it in exchange for next month's box but no, the Quilty Box return policy is NO returns unless the package is damaged. So I am out $50 for something that I will never use.

I didn't realize there was a no return policy so that's on me but I did want to warn the rest of you in case you were considering subscribing. They do have some nice things in the boxes (I did like the Crafty Gemini box) but actually, I think you would be better off spending your money buying the things you know you want and will love instead of gambling on you will get a bargain. I know I would have been better off with the M*QC daily deals instead. Lesson learned.