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    Default Re: How to store the quilt when the occasion hasn't arrived yet....

    Aloha from Hawaii. Best place for a quilt is on the bed as others have stated, just layer them up one upon another. It's great if you have a guest room.
    Never store your quilts in plastic bags, the quilt has to breathe. Somehow the fabric reacts to whatever light there is in that dark space, and quilt will start to fade on the folds. Wrap it in a sheet, then into a pillow case and then store away, always bringing it out for refolding. Never never store in a cedar chest, yes it keeps the moths away, but all the old antique quilts you see with the brown stains are from the wood leaching out oils onto the quilt during storage.
    Only time I put a quilt in a plastic bag is to ship it off to the owner, in case box gets wet, ugh!
    My wallhangings are all rolled on a cardboard tube from the fabric store (I cover it with towels first) then lay all the quilts on the bed and start rolling, you have to do a lot of adjusting as you roll so your have no wrinkles. I made a very large carrying bag that I slide the roll into (black surfshorts fabric) holds about a dozen quilts that are 45" wide and all different lengths. I also found that you have to roll them on with the design facing out, so the next time you hang it, it will hug the wall and not roll away from the wall. Hope this helps somebody.

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    Default Re: How to store the quilt when the occasion hasn't arrived yet....

    I plan to post a picture of it when the weather is nicer, in the spring! My house is too little to take a full picture of this large quilt so I want to get my neighbor and husband outside to get the full picture!

    Thanks for the advice! Greatly appreciated!

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