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    Default Thursday morning hellos

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    Hello Folksies and Happy Thursday!

    It's another work day and it's really felt like winter this week. I am thankful we have not had any rain because it would've meant snow. I like weather as long as I don't have to do anything like get out in it. More than once I have mentioned how I admire all of you pioneer people in the Great White North and your ability to cope. Seems the older I get the less I like it. Perhaps it is true then. You know. The reason Florida has so many Snowbirds. As you may remember we use our woodstove for heat. It's been a relatively mild winter and we haven't had to use it. When winter made it's sudden appearance with 16 degrees mornings, I felt like the grasshopper who sang and fiddled all summer, only to freeze the hair off it's skinny legs. We haven't prepared very well. Add to that I am quite leary of those steps to the basement after a few spills last winter. So, we have been using little space heaters that will make Duke Energy quite happy. bbrrrr.

    Thanks to all my compatriots here for listening to me yesterday morning and that undeleted post. Sorrow is a universal language. I know we all have those days, weeks, months where we just don't think we will be able to put one foot in front of the other. When my Mom was so very gravely ill several years back that even the Dr's told me she wouldn't make it, she was oblivious to it all. She knew she was sick, just not how severely. One day while I was getting ready to leave her and get some stuff done at work or home or whatever it was I had to do, I said to her, "Well old gal, gotta run. Important things to do."
    "That's not important" she replied.
    I went over to give her sweet head a peck and said, "yes, honey, it's important. Why would you say that?"
    Mom grabbed my hand and kissed it and said, "This is what's important. It is really the ONLY thing that's important"
    I have never forgotten that lesson and it remains in my mind when I start mental fidgeting during long winded soliliquys with people in the grocery store I haven't seen in a while or other such situations. So, yes, thank you for listening. It was important for me to get things off my chest and y'all were my captive audience. My hand still feels the gift of your kiss.

    Let's go make Thursday something we can all be proud of!


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