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    Default Re: How to create your very own photo album!

    I too need to know how to rearrange photos in my album and also my captions aren't showing. Did I miss a step?

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    Default Re: How to create your very own photo album!

    Quote Originally Posted by Suds View Post
    A photo album is a great way to show off pictures of your projects, quilting room, quilting stash, family, etc. Here’s how you make one: *Tip - Copy and pasted these instructions in Microsoft Word or note pad so you can follow along with them as you make your album*

    1) While being logged in, click “My Profile” at the top right side of the screen.

    2) Scroll down and click “Add Album” in the Albums category on the left hand side.

    3) Now you will have to give your album a title and a description. *Note, you can have as many albums as you want, so you might consider grouping pictures in different albums (eg – one albums for the pictures of projects you want to show off, one for pictures of your family, etc).

    4) Decide whether you want to make your album Public or Private. Public albums are visible to anyone on the forum and Private albums are only visible to those to whom you give permission to view. You may have a mix of public and private if you wish.

    5) Click “Save Changes”.

    6) Now you may add pictures to your album by clicking “Upload Photos” on the right.

    7) A window will pop up and you will see a rectangular button with “Add Files” and a green icon next to it. Click this and you can select any photos from your hardrive by clicking the “browse button”.

    8) Once you have selected the picture you want click “Upload” and the picture will appear in your album.

    9) Repeat steps 7 and 8 to upload more pictures!

    10) When you are done uploading photos, close the uploading window by clicking the “X” on the top right.

    11) Now you will see the pictures you have uploaded and can add captions in the boxes to the left of them. After you have finished adding captions (or have left the boxes blank if you don’t want to write anything), click “Save Changes” and, voila, you have you first photo album!
    Why don’t I see “add photos “ on the right????
    Please advise
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