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Thread: New Fabric!

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    Default New Fabric!

    I love the holiday season. I have an excuse to order fabric and not tell my husband. I have had a quilt on the frame for a few years now. It is so close and I am so unmotivated to finish it. I'm bored with it. My husband told me I couldn't get any more fabric until I finished that quilt. I HAD to have some of the new Ruby line. Holiday season works great. If hubby asks I say, I'm not telling, with a smirk and, voila' no more questions. Then soon as the box arrives I grab it and run into the other room. He knows not to ask questions just in case it's a surprise for him.
    Don't read too much into this. I'm not being rude and sneaky behind my husbands back. This is supposed to be funny. If I flat out told him he wold just sigh and that would be that. Now I've covered my backside from flaming I'm going to go wash my new fabric

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    Default Re: New Fabric!

    LOL The tihings women have to do! I worked at a store called Christmas Tree Shop and a lady I worked with bought stuff just about every night. She would just write CTS in her checkbook. One day her husband asked her what CTS was and without thinking she said Christmas Tree Shop - bagged! So just be alert .... LOL

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    Default Re: New Fabric!

    that's the way... yes
    hugs and Happy quilting

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    Default Re: New Fabric!

    Everytime I get an order in the mail and MrWindy asks what it is, I tell him its the wrong season to be asking questions...it only works until Christmas. Then I have to plan my orders so nothing is delivered on Saturdays when he is home.

    I dont consider it sneaky or lying to him, I prefer to think of it as "preventative cpr" cuz he would for sure have a heart attack if he really know how much I spend on fabric each month!
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    Default Re: New Fabric!

    Ha, lol that's funny. I haven't ran into that yet but I've also been trying to keep my projects at a minimum because I'm not rich or retired (stay at home wife).

    I know that anytime I need to order something at Joann's I have to tell him because unfortunately right now I do not drive. LOL So yeah, he doesn't normally have a problem with it as long as I pace myself with the projects. HA

    But yeah, nothing wrong with being sneaky. I mean with some fabric I'm going to have to be sneaky because I plan on making some ties for my hubby for Christmas. He wears ties for work, and he is in need of new ties! :P
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