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hmmm......maybe the comment you made was supposed to be funny....however, I didn't take it that way. I too, have had some recent issues here at MSQC. I have noticed that when calling, MSQC hasn't picked up. Now, remembering what I have read in the past about MSQC growing bigger and bigger, along with the NEW warehouse that they built so that they could full more orders easier and faster, I have given the benefit of the doubt, simply because when something new is added to the mix, there's often little problems that have to be ironed out.
I called one day because all of a sudden my password didn't work ( I was trying to place an order. ) I got the message that Jenny says "Please wait while I find one of the girls to help you." After a minute or two, I am advised to leave a detailed message, and someone will call back within 24 hours ( it might say 24-48 hrs....can't remember that ) . Low and behold, within 24 hours, the phone rang, and it was someone from MSQC. The gal on the phone and I talked, she helped me re-set the password and I tried using the new password, it worked so I thanked her, and I hung up.
The next week, I tried to sign in, and the same thing happened. This time, I went to the bottom of the website where it says CONTACT US....and I sent them a detailed email, and the problem was solved !

So, not to make light of anyone's issues with MSQC, I think that remembering that this awesome company usually does a fabulous job for us all. To become one of the best companies for quilting and sewing in the few short years MSQC has been around is quite an accomplishment as far as I am concerned. Way to Go Missouri Star Quilt Company !
My wish for 2016 is to be able to visit MSQC ......it's only a little over 650 from my home, and it's something I really want to do. I would love to attend a retreat, but a shopping trip and meeting some of the MSQC team would be a great pleasure even if I didn't get to go to a retreat.
Hopefully the order arrived that this gal was worried about.??? ( I didn't see a reply from her to mention that she received the order and all is well......of course maybe I missed it ! )
I don't blame you, I would be worried about any order I placed ....with anyone if I didn't get it in the time specified.

One more thing, I think that Karen McEuen who is a moderator here for the MSQC forum does a great job. IF she sees a post that isn't properly placed in the right thread, she does transfer the post to the proper place, so it isn't lost etc....Thanks Karen !
That is an awesome experience!! Thank you for sharing and giving some much needed love I'm actually going to pass this along

I don't mind being a bit of a used car salesman, I'm pretty passionate about what we're building and we are here because of our hustle, qualities you'd find in any salesman, and I was being pretty set on not seeing the bad in the situation, I laughed about it

But with my manly beard and hoodie and jeans, thankfully I don't get mistaken for a used car salesman often