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Hello Folksies,

I love me some good coffee. I make a good pot of coffee. I remember the very first time I actually fell in love with coffee. I had been driving with a friend all through the night to get to his parent's house in Southern Pines, NC from Columbia, S.C. It was a cool and rainy night, made cooler because he didn't have a heater in his mustang. When we arrived at his parent's lovely big house about 4 in the morning, he made me a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. I don't know what kind of coffee it was. Maybe it was instant, maybe perk'ed, most certainly not drip - or maybe it was because "he" was the one who handed it to me, all warm with smile on his lips. I fell in love at that moment. It has been a long love affair. Coffee has become a social event for me, even when I am all alone. There is always coffee ready for any family or visitors at the house or at the salon. Coffee has become a comfort food group to me. Everything goes well with coffee. It is the perfect after dinner drink. It is a civilized thing to do.

Last night was cool and rainy when the first ambulance arrived on The Hill. I heard that dreaded siren and of course, being concerned over who down this road was in need of that urgency, I went to the front door. It turned down my Mom's driveway. Wellsir, I grabbed my hoodie and got in my truck. Before I could get out of my drive, here came 2 more emergency vehicles - volunteer fire dept and rescue squad, countless trucks, police and I was stuck. No one would tell me anything, but I knew that Mom was okay. Whew! I found out fairly soon that a hunter Mom allows on the property each year had been injured.

Some of my precious forum members here were on FB and I went there to ask for prayer. Thank YOU guys. The man had fallen out of a deer stand and had some broken ribs and found out later (much later) that evening after he had been rescued and airlifted to the city hospital that one of his lungs had been punctured. We had lights blinking for hours after he had been rescued, even long after I went to bed. I made up a few pots of coffee, got out the styrofoam cups. I even had some choc chip blondies (I prefer them to choc chips cookies because they are quicker and talk about comfort food . . . ).

The last fella who walked to my door for a refill said, How do you make your coffee taste so good? With love, Sir. With love.

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