I got a text yesterday morning from this little girls teacher whom I have know for over 18 years. She told me this little girls family had called her that morning less than 12 hours after the accident and said they would sign over custody to her as her dad had told the grandmother if anything should ever happen to him to call the teacher.They; dad and teacher; had discussed this in great detail after the incident 2 weeks prior to his death. The little brother will go to an uncle. The teacher has agreed to take her as they talked about. She is a special needs teacher and this little girl is one of her students. I am the nurse for her school. I also got a picture of her sitting at the teachers house smiling ear to ear. I'm sure she cannot grasp the fact that she will never see her daddy again here on earth but I feel better knowing someone has stepped up that she is familiar with to take care of her. The uncle is local so she will be able to see her brother and grandmother any time she wants. I was at a baby shower at the time I was getting these text and I was bawling like crazy to the outcome of this tragic situation. Your prayers have helped this family immensely.
Thank you so much.