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    Default Resizing a Quilt Pattern

    I'm interested in making the Half Square Triangle Quilt Using the Four Seasons Block. However, I want to make the quilt large enough to fit a twin size bed. I understand that I can add blocks to columns/rows but how do I determine how much additional fabric I will need? I don't want to buy too much as my scrap-piles are all ready out of control

    I'm not sure if there is a site available to help with this type of adjustment and if so, can you please let me know? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Resizing a Quilt Pattern

    My suggestion would be to figure out how much bigger the twin quilt is than the original quilt is. Say the small one is 36 by 40, and the one you want to make is 72 by 80. That is easy, twice the dimensions equals 4 times the size. I would prepare to use 4 times the amount of fabric, in this instance.

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    Default Re: Resizing a Quilt Pattern

    My calculator is my best friend when I'm trying to figure closely. Make some sample HST blocks to determine how big your basic block will be. If you are starting with a big block to make the HST ( as we call it, Jenny's method that makes 4 HSTs), measure the basic resulting block ( hers starts with a 10" square times 2- print and background fabric). It makes 4 unfinished size 6-1/2" HSTs. Remember the blocks will measure 6" finished. Figure out how wide and long you want your quilt to be, then count how many of these HSTs it takes to make each row and multiply that by how many rows it will take to make the length. Divide that number by 4. That's how many 10" squares of each fabric you will need to start with. You can get 4 10" squares from a width of fabric. So divide your number again by 4, that's how many WOF you will need. Multiply this by 10" and that is how many inches of length of fabric you will need. Remember this length amount will be doubled, one for print and the same for background.

    Sample: for a twin 66" wide and 78" long
    11 squares per row
    13 rows
    143 finished blocks

    36 large blocks of fabric needed ( rounded up because of odd #of blocks)
    Divided by 4 = 9
    9 times 10"= 90"
    90" divided by 36" is 2-1/2 yards of each color.

    Hope this helps.

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