Seeing Pat's plums the other day reminded me of plum cake and I believe you might like it too. You can cut the cake up and deep freeze it.

Ingredients are
250 g butter (8.8 ounces)
300 g sugar (10.5 ounces)
1 package vanillin sugar (2 teaspoons)
4 eggs
500 g flour (17.6 ounces)
1 package or 2 teaspoons of baking powder

Make a batter from all ingrediences and spread evenly on a baking tray. Cut the plums in quarters and distribute generously on the batter. Put it in the oven and bake for 20 to 30 minutes at 200 C (400F)

You can also use rhubarb on this batter, very delicious!

Another yummy recipe with less fat and sugar for plum cake is made of:

250g curd cheese (8.8 ounces)
1 package or 2 teaspoons of vanillin sugar and baking powder each
6 tablespoons of milk
6 tablespoons oil
6 tablespoons sugar
300 g flour (10.5 ounces)

Combine all ingredients and spread the batter on the baking tray and cut and distribute plums across the tray. Bake at 175 - 190C (350 - 375F) for 30 - 45 minutes in the oven. You can pull it out and pour some sugar and cinnamon over the whole tray 10 minutes before the time is up and put it back in.

Whip some cream, put it on top and enjoy!

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