Hi, I am new to this site so hope I do this right. I am in desparate need of some suggestion on a project that I am doing. A co-worker has asked me to make [Christmas Stockings] for another co-worker and her fiancé for a wedding gift. I have decided to donate my sewing and time as my gift. All the supplies are being provided to me but I am in a quandary at how to proceed because the fabrics are so varied. I have a stocking pattern to use and the beige background is pre-quilted which will save a little time. I don't know how to use the fabrics to make them coherent and to look like it is a Christmas stocking. For instance the remainder of the fabrics for his stocking consist of green outlined small red cardinals (his favorite animal) on a red background with tiny white snowflakes and dots, BBQ fabric with shades of light tan, black and rust (ribs are his favorite food), light tan fabric with darker tan crosses that the collaborator wants centered or near the center of the stockings, ice cream soda fabric with beige background and ice cream shades of green, pink, red, and brown with cherries on top of ice cream (his favorite fruit is cherries), a red solid fabric, a fabric with lizards in shades of blue, orange, yellow and green with contrasting dots or stripes and a navy background. All of the above are cotton fabrics but the clincher is the polar fleece with NFL team logo and colors in black, orange and white. Please help me!