I was just reading a thread about the tutorial Four Patch Frenzy and all the negative comments on the M* Facebook page. I didn't see it, but it confirms some research I saw that negative comments lead to more negative comments. If the negative comments are deleted or suppressed and a positive one remains, more positive comments are posted. In other words, the crowd follows the lead.

Yesterday I watched the free Craftsy class on Creative Quilt backs with Elizabeth Hartman. She does an outstanding job showing all the math and careful planning she uses for making very interesting quilt backs. So many of the class comments were negative, snarky, and rude. I kept thinking, "Then stop watching!" I don't understand why people have to comment that the class is boring or that the math is unnecessary. One said, "Why not just wing it?" There was no point in responding, "Go ahead and wing it, but that isn't what this class is about! This is for people who don't want to wing it." Furthermore, there were plenty of comments on her doing it "wrong" because she pressed her seams open. Quilt police everywhere!

I am saying all this to say THANK YOU! Thanks for keeping this forum a safe and friendly place. Thanks for lifting us up, supporting us in every endeavor. Thanks for reminding us that it is our quilt and we can do it as we want. Thanks for responding to questions, little or big, with helpful advice and encouragement. Thanks for being the place we can come for inspiration and a good laugh when we need it.