I'd like to take a few minutes to make a request - please pay attention to where you are posting some of your threads. If threads are placed in the correct category, the search engine works so much better. I move threads when I find them in the wrong area, but original posters should be aware of what they are doing when making posts. Some of the worst cases usually fall under these three categories listed blow (along with their decriptions). Just because it says "general" in the title doesn't mean they are all the same.

GENERAL DISCUSSION - If it's about quilting but don't fit in any other category, it'll fit here

General quilting, sewing and related topics go here.

GENERAL CHATTER - QuiltsBy.Me is new - what's cool, what should be fixed, what what what

This should only be topics about the Quilts By Me site.

GENERAL CHIT CHAT - A place to talk about anything you want, but just not about quilting!

Prayer requests, new babies, good morning threads, non-quilting or sewing related vents, etc. go here.

Help make our forum work better for us by posting under the correct header. Thanks!