Anyone have any tips on keeping the clear plastic rulers we use for cutting do you keep them from moving? I know being very careful and stand up (instead of sitting down) when making the cut, but still...mine will often move. Sometimes alot, sometimes just a tad, but even just a half-a-tad can mess things up! I have bought those little cushion circles to put on each corner of the ruler but those just seem to elevate the ruler so it doesn't sit on the fabric, there by allowing the fabric to move. Plus that raised the ruler to high for a small rotary cutter to be able to cut. I bought the peel and stick stuff that supposedly keeps the ruler from sliding, but all that does is make the back even more literally does nothing to "secure" the ruler to the fabric to stop any sliding. What a waste of money!

So, please share your tips and tricks for keep your ruler/template from sliding while you cut! I sure would appreciate it!