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There is a very nice, almost new long arm and frame listed on Craigslist in the Grove City area in KY. Price is very negotiable.
Thanks Carolyn. Just checked it out. Then I went searching to see what their retail price is new. I couldn't even find a price on the Baby Lock website. What's the big secret!!! Couldn't find the price new on dealers sites either, every one you had to contact them for prices. Very annoying when companies and dealers do that. Finally I found someone to admit the price on page 3 of google and they appeared to be running in the 8900 range (I believe with frame). I'm guessing reasonable would then be around 4 - 5 thousand and it is probably worth it, but then I have to tack on shipping. I'm still hoping to get something at 3000 or under. I probably won't have the cash or another two weeks though too. I did see a Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 15 Longarm Quilt Machine used at $1700 which might be ok. Has a Gracie King with it. Then noticed it's local pick up only in East Aurora, NY. Not good for me....can't do a 5 hr trip!