Not sure which header would be best for this so I'm posting here. I begin by saying that I've had a wonderful weekend. Harry bought a slot for me in the Jenny Haskins Touch of Magic Tour. It was two days of absolutely beautiful embroidery and special projects. Everyone in the class completed seven small projects using a top-o-the- line Janome Horizon. I learned so much that will apply to things I make and a few things to investigate further. If anyone is interested in pics of some of the display items I'll be glad to post them in a day or so. I'm so tired today that I can hardly move. Would it be bragging to add that I won the GRAND PRIZE???!!! A really new really nice Janome machine. It isn't a Horizon but it's really a dream machine.

The weekend was followed by my latest scan telling us that I'm now cancer free. No more chemo and/or radiation. God has certainly been good to me.