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    Cool Update on severe dry eye treatment!!

    Good morning to all!! Happy Tuesday. I thought I'd update you on my current quest to get my dry eye under control!
    So many of you had responded that you live with this too so it is somewhat comforting that I am not alone.
    I had my first visit with the eye doc last Thursday to begin the process to get my SCLERAL CONTACT LENS.
    It was a bit rough as I have never worn contacts and was not very cooperative with allowing the tech to get them in my eye. Since they are filled with sterile saline solution before they are put in, I had to bend my head way forward and down so the could bring my eye to the lens. Needless to say I blinked so much I kept knocking it out of their hands!!!
    In comes the eye doc and agrees to my request for eye numbing drops so I can begin to tolerate getting them in. That worked!! For the time they were in and the measurements were being taken, the eyes felt pretty good!!!
    But I had to try on a few sizes before they found the correct size for my eyeball. 2hours later I was on my way home and spent Friday to Sunday in a lot of pain! By Monday they finally started to calm down.
    Next step is to try on the new lenses made for me that are suppose to be a custom fit! We'll see??
    Hope eye ronde has a great day! Hoping today will be a sewing day as I haven't gotten much done these past few bad eye days!!
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    Default Re: Update on severe dry eye treatment!!

    Glad to hear that they are working with you on it.

    I can't tolerate contact lenses. The older I get the more sensitive my eyes. And to top it all I'm getting cataracts in both of them. No talk of surgery yet. I will put that off as long as possible.

    About 30 years ago I did try soft contacts but it took me about 15 - 20 minutes just to get them in. And because of astigmatisms they had to be weighted and it felt like I had sand in my eyes. Plus I still needed glasses to read. I decided that since I still had to have glasses to read what was the use of having contacts! It was a no win situation.

    I wish you the best of luck. Too bad they can't just give you drops instead.

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