Hi everyone, my name is Marge. I'm 66 yrs young, been married to my hubby for almost 45 yrs, have 4 grown children, 5 grands, 1 great grand and 1 cocker spaniel. I retired from Pekin Insurance and went to work part time in a McDonalds and have worked there for 11 yrs next month. Oh yeah, one of my daughters is the general manager of the McDonalds I work in. I start work at 5 a.m. where I make parfaits and salads, bag up condiment bags and sometimes roll burritos. I usually am done by 10 a.m. and have the rest of the day to enjoy quilting. I am thrilled I found MSQC and absolutely love Jennis tutorials. I have been quilting since 1996.
Marge B in Illinois