My Granddaughter will be 10 on May 22nd and let me know a month ago that she wants a sewing machine for her birthday. So I am giving her my Baby Lock Intrigue that I dearly love and purchased for classses. She sewed on it on her last visit and loved it as well. Since her Mum doesn't sew I have been gathering everything else that she needs to go with it.
She finished her first large lap quilt when she was 8 and has been to MSQC with me (from Florida!) and hopefully she'll not forget the road trip with Grandma. She took her quilt top to Missouri and Jenny helped her choose the backing fabric. She has watched 'Miss Jenny', 'Miss Natalie' and 'Miss Sarah' tutorials since she was 5 and even has their app on her tablet.
I have been going thru my sewing supplies and sorted out any duplicates including a Natalie Dawn Half hexi template to use with charm pack size squares. It sure takes a lot of stuff to get her set up at home (in Georgia).
I still need markers (Frixion, Chalk, etc), iron (even a second hand one), maybe a 9.5" square ruler... Just making a list.
Anyway, just wanted to share what I am doing to help the next generation of 'Makers'!