Oh really now!

I am in a Sew For Victory challenge (must make something from the 1940's) 1940s Girl Friday Blouse and a discussion about quilting cotton for garments ensued. Living in a semi-tropical climate I seek out linens, cottons, bamboo, you get it. I've not been prejudiced about where I obtain it either (not yet anyway). Matter of fact one of my fav things is to use repurposed vintage sheets; yet I digress.

What's wrong with Wal-Mart cotton my divas and dons? I know you folk are knowledgeable about such things.

Here's my thinking . . . of course I've heard, "You get what you pay for?" However, on the flip side, just because a price is high doesn't necessarily guarantee quality . . . does it? The price could be high because folk are whatever enough to pay it thereby keeping the designers in their designer houses, living their designer lives. I'm just saying. Just because it's in a LQS, does that "guarantee" excellent quilting cotton? Really, how can a girl KNOW without a doubt she's holding "good" quilting cotton in her hand?

Yaw'll say what?