I posted a picture of this quilt in the Show and tell section and a few people asked which pattern it was from. I made it up myself so here's how I did it.....

  • Choose 5 fabrics that tone from dark to light. I went for blue and white because of the room I was making it for but I'm sure it would look really good in black and white.

  • Cut 2" strips from each fabric.

  • Sew the strips together along the long edges with a quarter inch seam going from dark to light:[attachment=7:2srfhiq3]strips.jpg[/attachment:2srfhiq3]

[attachment=6:2srfhiq3]traingles 1.jpg[/attachment:2srfhiq3]

[attachment=5:2srfhiq3]traingles 2.jpg[/attachment:2srfhiq3]

[attachment=4:2srfhiq3]traingles 3.jpg[/attachment:2srfhiq3]
  • You should now have a stack of triangles with dark bases and a stack with light bases: [attachment=3:2srfhiq3]cut triangles.jpg[/attachment:2srfhiq3]

  • Sew the dark triangles into strips as long as you want and then do the same with the light triangles: [attachment=2:2srfhiq3]sewn strips.jpg[/attachment:2srfhiq3]

  • Sew the strips together alternating dark and light and then trim the top and bottom a quarter inch wider than the points:

[attachment=1:2srfhiq3]strips together.jpg[/attachment:2srfhiq3]

  • Add any borders you want and that's it!

That's the first time I've tried to explain a quilt to anyone so if anything doesn't make sense, or you have any questions, just ask