I've been quilting a few years, but am fairly new to the site and have only recently been watching the tutorials and am just trying precuts.
Is there an index to the tutorials by the precut type? There are so many wonderful tutorials, it takes a while to search thru to figure out options for the precuts. I haven't found an easy way to find out which tutorials I can (for example) make with the charm packs I just bought Sat. or the 2 layer cakes. ( I did see the same question and suggestions for the layer cakes on the forum today.)

I know you guys are really growing and busy, but maybe an index would help...someday?? Perhaps I've just missed it if it's here.

I love the site, by the way and it was a treat to hear Jenny. I did a Jelly Roll Race quilt top yesterday and have plans for the braid table runner in "Quilting Quickly" book I bought.

Also, apologies if this is a dup. Sometimes with the site I get a "page can't be displayed."