So I haven't really sewn anything in a while.Made a coffee maker rug ,mug runner and coasters to match the other night but that has been it in a very long time. Today I was making something for a new friend I have made here on the forum when my needle came out of my machine! Brother pacesetter pc 8500D. Embroidery machine.
Well I then realized the shaft that the screw that holes the needle in has completely broke off! I took it apart but can't remove the actual needle holder part.No screw or anything holding it onto the metal shaft that goes up and down. Surely I could order the part from brother and replace it myself don't you think??? I really don't have the money to have it looked at at the LQS.

Has anybody ever had this problem? I was shocked when it fell apart in my hand. It is not a new machine but it is a very good one. I pulled out a back up machine and finished my project but I am so dissapointed right now.
Thanks for listening.