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    Default Re: Ever have this happen to you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Slokarma View Post

    I was curious about your problem and was wondering how often DOES a shaft break and I ran into this parts book. It might help you in your quest to order the part. I don't know if that is one of those pieces that has to be adjusted, but if you can just take it out without moving anything else…….who knows, it might just work!
    I think it is the needle bar assembly from the best I can see.On the upper bar needle shaft page..#35 is the part. It is all hooked together. oyyy I may not be able to fix this myself but now I know what to tell them when I call about getting a price for how much to fix it. Its the long piece that has a square box looking thing with a metal shaft that the screw screws in to and it is that shaft that broke off. Geese only I could have caused such an odd mishap. Calamity Jan....That's me.
    Thanks again.
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