[QUOTE=Sandy Navas;441662] That and not trying to cut any more appendages with a rotary cutter - did a number on myself yesterday using the 18mm and the EZ cut circle template. You have to watch where you grip that thing.

While my Guardian Angel does a fantastic job for me and I've never been the personal victim of my rotary cutter, it truly scares the daylights out of me, thinking that I'm edging my oldest granddaughter (who will be 13 on 1/31) to follow in my quilting footsteps! I've seen how brutal, yet innocent, those cutters can be. Yes, care and vigilance are mandatory, but I'm not sure this one has those two attributes readily available in her "newly-honed" teenage feminine brain - at the same time - and my apprehension and fear is monumental!! I've been stressing the danger, as well as the advantages, of this tool, but I'm honestly not ready for a "show and tell" to get that painful, scary point across! My Mama didn't raise no dummy!!