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    Default Giggles in the MSQC Store

    Did you ever see the Daily Deal... quickly add it into your cart, and then spend the next 30 minutes loading up the basket?

    All of the daydreaming quilt fabric piling up in the cart.

    Then, I'm off to yardage... getting the border and background fabrics I keep putting off getting.

    Then, off to the templates to see what's new and add one of them in there too.

    Now, let's finally break down and get those 300 daisy head pins I've been wanting for so long.

    By now, the cart says I have FREE shipping!! Welllllllllllll over 100.00.

    So I start putting back one by one - slowly - all the things that can wait.

    Only to have just that Daily Deal in the cart. Sigh.

    It was fun tho. All that window shopping and I didn't have to walk all around. Plus, I saved myself 2,000 calories by not eating that full-sized Cinnabon I would have gotten if I were shopping in a mall.


    <--passes out Cinnabons with cups of xtra icing.

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    Default Re: Giggles in the MSQC Store

    I've done this. So nice to dream you can get it all........ Then you look at the total and reality hits. Ohhh but great fun.

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    Default Re: Giggles in the MSQC Store

    Yes... We all dream of filling our carts to our heart's content...... Allowing it to overflow with coveted goodies. No restraints. No budget to worry about, no holds bared... Just buying whatever we wanted. But...reality always rears it's ugly head, and we reluctantly put most of our treasure back.... Leaving only the DD, and maybe one other small purchase. Next time, we tell ourselves....next time...

    Sandy from Cincinnati

    AKA Kermit

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