I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but some heartfelt prayers would be greatly appreciated.

On Friday I took my 10yr old autistic son to a plastic surgeon in the city. Daniel has had a nasty birthmark on his leg since he was born and doctors have told me for years to wait til he's at least 10 to have it removed. It's in the middle of his shin and is dark bluish purple and all raised and dry. He's very protective of it as its very sensitive, and the few times its been knocked its bled for hours. I knew removal would involve a skin graft and large scar, and Daniel being the way he is I knew it would be difficult.

Today I had to take him for a battery of blood tests which was extremely traumatic for him, especially since they couldn't find a vein and had to do both arms. I've now been told what's on his leg isn't a birthmark, it's a vascular tumour, and highly indicative that he'll have more on his internal organs, and a high chance he may be prone to heart problems. I can't even spell the name of the syndrome, but my heart is breaking for a little guy who life's in his own happy little world and doesn't deserve serious health problems. They will advise me shortly of a date to have his whole body scanned with an MRI under general anesthetic, and will then know how bad.

Please pray for my little man, he's come so far and conquered so much. Oh for a genie in a bottle right now :-(

With love, Pami