Hi my name is Lyn - Lyndlou as my family call me. My husband Andrew and I have a son and daughter both grown up.

Our daughter is about to give us our first grandchild (in about two weeks) the baby will also be the first grandchild in her husbands family too! So to celebrate the birth I thought it would be nice to make an heirloom quilt.

I looked on the net for inspiration and found the Missouri Quilt Co. and you are brilliant !! So here is my story......

I asked both sets of grandparents, the parents, uncle and there is also and aunty on the husbands side to give me some iconic clothes ( old worn ones ) to represent "them" within the quilt I have dubbed it bloodines.

Baby's mummy ( our daughter's ) favorite animal is the Giraffe ( she used to work at the Zoo and both mummy and daddy love Mclaren ( formula one driving cars ) They even had a silver and orange wedding theme two years ago.

So that is the theme behind the quilt and this is what I am going to do

I am going to use the ( double layer cake ) design adding four inserted panels - the panels will each have a giraffe applique design on and the double layer ( cake ) design around them, I will use orange or silver )( or both ) borders to section off the four panels and edge the quilt with two different thickness borders I will then back the quilt with a beautiful orange fleece ( I will obviously sandwich them with something soft too ) and I will ( attempt ) to machine quilt the top.

Baby will be completely surrounded by all the family when sleeping or using it as a play mat.

Hows that for a comfort blanket ! - I am sure I will be visiting the Missouri Quilt Co very often during this process for advice. I am not planning to rush it so I have no idea how old bump will be when I finally hand it over, but the point is that it is beautiful not completed just to give to bump at the birth !! xxx

Thank you for the inspiration - I can't wait to get going xx