I was wondering if someone might help me. I am making a Double size RQ for mu DSL and am using Tanya Whelan Delilah fabric for the top and white flannel for the middle and pink flannel for the back

I have done small RQ for my DGC in the past using just a piece of flannel on the top and a piece for the back so just 2 pieces of fabric and they were perfect for the kids.

This will be the 1st time I am using quilt cotton for the top and 2 pieces of flannel...middle and back.

My question is should I wash all fabrics before starting the RQ?

I never washed the flannel when doing the 2 layers RQ for the kids...I always use good flannel...R. Kaufman flannel when making RQs and never had a problem with shrinkage since both sides were the same kind/make of flannel. But since I am using cotton and flannel should I wash them 1st