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Hello Folksies!

I am sitting here with a sweatshirt on under my robe because it is very chilly here in NC once again. The past few days have been breezy and cool. Just like spring. Yays.

Today. I have much to do and it will start in a few minutes. This week I know that I will be very scarce around the forum. Mom is having some minor type surgery this week and before that has several other appts. Mom's port has a cracks in it and needs to be removed and another put in it's place. I say minor because for most it is. When you have the health concerns that she deals with, it is big deal. I have every confidence that all will be just fine, just time consuming. I will be staying at her house starting tomorrow night for the next several days, so, just saying . . . I need to get my hand sewing ready and portable. I spent the weekend getting meals ready for the week. All of sudden I felt like I had kids at home again. You know where you are busy every second? Normally I am fly by the seat of my britches kinda gal; I don't always know what I am going to cook for dinner until I think about it. Of course, that sometimes means frozen leftovers get nuked - hey - that's how I roll generally.

For those on the Spring watch, I have noticed my peonies sending their welcomed stalks up. I love peonies. The ones that I have are older than me. Let me tell you a little bit about my peonies. And while I am at it, my lilacs,
My folks married in 1946. My mom is originally from Staten Island, NY. Tottenville to be exact. I know that our Trish(aliaslaceygreene) knows where I am speaking of. My Dad is from right here. They ran off to get married and settled back here. Once my NY grandma got over being highly p.o.'ed, she grew to love my Dad and my NC Granny. The two women had nothing in common except that they both loved their children. They would swap plant cuttings and rootings. The peonies and lilacs growing in my backyard are from my NY Grandma to my NC Granny back in 1946. How old the original mother plants were I have no idea. The property that my house is on is where my NC Granny's log cabin used to sit. Not much is left that she planted from back in the day but those peonies and lilacs live on. Each and every spring it is like I get to visit with the two women who molded me and taught me how to smile even when you are having a rotten day, week or year. My NC Granny would say, see that there growing? It doesn't get permission from anyone to show off. It just does and grows because it can. A few years ago I thought that my lilac was dying. I was beyond despair. One of my clients, who recently passed away, told me to cut it back. Really cut it back. I thought what have I got to lose? So, feeling mean and merciless I cut it way back. It is blooming in my yard right now, reminding me of my NY Grandma's love and my NC Granny's determination.

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Hoping that everyone has a super special day. Just because it's Monday and I don't have to work doesn't mean that I don't have work, if you catch my drift. Be happy because you're sitting right here, right now. Go ahead and smile before you face the day and if you're already in the middle of the craziness that each day brings, smile because you left the worst behind you.

Prayers, hugs and smiles to each and every one today.