. . when the Masters Golf Tournament began on Thursday. It ended this evening with a young man from Australia, Adam, winning on a two hole playoff. His opponent in the playoff was a 56 year old gentleman, Angel, from Argentina. The two of them were very competitive but in no way unfriendly for unsportsman like. I wanted both of them to win. If you follow golf, you already know that. If you don't. at least you know why I haven't cleaned house or quilted in four days. I might add that this is the first Masters win (ever) by an Aussie. I'm happy for them.

The Masters Course is in Augusta, Georgia, USA, and is absolutely beautiful. The Old Course in Scottland is probably more historically notable but the Masters is "right up there."

I played golf at a very amatuer level until I had major surgery in 2009. I would like to play again - just for fun - but I don't think I can swing the clubs effectively. I plan to try a three-par course sometime this summer. Maybe, just maybe . .

Now that I've wasted four days and bored everyone with my chatter it's time to get back on track. Cleaning and quilting coming up this week. Hope all is well with everyone.