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    Default Scallop Border help request for the MSQC Girls

    MSQC Girls,
    I posted this questions in a separate section of the forum as I didn't want to fuss you all, but given how desperate I am, and what experts y'all are, I thought I would post my question here as well:

    I am relatively new to quilting, but my journey into this wonderful activity has been made all the easier by Jenny's amazing tutorials! However, I am having trouble finishing the binding on my scallop edged quilt in spite of her great tutorial.

    I bought the tool from the shop, and it worked really well. It took me a bit of time working with it to get the measurements exact, but at the end I was able to get my scallops cut without too much issue. I made the binding via the continuous bias method (also another great tutorial), and was able to sew it on, though that took quite a bit of time and more than a few choice words! My problem is that I do not know how to join the ends to each other where the binding meets at the start/finish. I have watched the tutorial repeatedly, but unfortunately, Jenny never addresses that.

    Do you possible have any instructions/tips/advice? I made this quilt as a gift for my sister's upcoming wedding, and I really need to get it finished. I could always scrap the scallop and just finish it straight, but the scallop adds such a soft, interesting look that I would really love to know how to complete this. I know there must be a way, since people are finishing these all the time, I think I am just too inexperienced/novice to work it out by myself.

    Thanks to all in advance for any help/advice you can provide!


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    Default Re: Scallop Border help request for the MSQC Girls

    Hi Abby,

    I've been quilting for a couple of years and just finished my first scalloped edge quilt. Here is the way I complete all of my quilt binding and it worked great for the scallops too. I love Jenny and M*QC very much... but I cannot.. no matter how many times I try... get the hang of the binding tool (and video) that they sell. I found this tutorial online and it's easy and works every time I've tried it. Hope this helps and please share your finished quilt... I'd love to see it.

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    Default Re: Scallop Border help request for the MSQC Girls

    I like the one that Judy posted and this one too:


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