Good day to all of my wonderful MSQC family and friends. It is another beautiful day in southeast Missouri. Granted, there are no flowers yet or leaves on the trees but the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there is a gentle breeze. God as given me another day to witness His miracles.

Today is Good Friday, the day our Lord and Savior dies on the cross for our sins. Jesus showed us the greatest love that day, for he took it upon Himself to take our sins away and to make a path for us to heaven through Him. Jesus also showed the greatest compassion that day. Though he was severely beaten, bruised, and bloodied, hanging painfully by His hands and feet, with a crown of thorns upon His brow, He still asked His Father, our God to forgive those who did this to Him. What love? What compassion? Wouldn't it be nice to love someone so much, to be so forgiving?

That is the difficult part about being human is that we don't always want to forgive those who hurt us or wrong us. Yes, I realize that something are very hard and almost impossible to forgive. What you need to remember is that holding all of that hatred inside isn't harming the person you won't forgive, it is harming you and only you. You are the one that is holding all that anger and hatred in your heart. How can you love you so much hurt in your heart? If you find it difficult or impossible to forgive someone for what they have done to you or someone you love, go to God in prayer and ask Him to help you through it. He doesn't want to see you hurting. He wants to see you filled with love and peace and you cannot achieve that if you hold on to so much hatred.

Remember you aren't forgiving someone for their sake, but for yours. Forgiving them doesn't mean you forget what they did, it is just bring peace to your heart.

God bless you all,